tactical preschool 4

Mmmmm Pie. I like Pie, especially when I am looking for badguys in structures or urban terrain.


“Slicing the Pie” or “Pieing” a corner is the term used for a technique used to traverse a corner while clearing a structure or while maneuvering around structures/objects out of doors.

In general, there are but a small handful of methods for dealing with corners, rooms, stairwells etc. You can “button hook” directly into the area and deal with whats there. This is typically a “dynamic” tactic where speed of entry and aggressive action is required. Or you can “Slice the Pie” to negotiate the turn, which is a systematic clearing of the area in “slices”.


The way you accomplish this is by approaching the corner fairly close to the wall with your “pivot point” being the apex of the corner. You then begin a series of small 90 degree side-steps (relative to your line of sight) away from the wall, in a semi-circular manner. After every step you pause and scan each “slice of the pie” from the floor at the corner to the ceiling.



There you go…easy as pie.


20 thoughts on “tactical preschool 4”

  1. I’m liking all of these. Whenever you get it all done, you should make some nice grouping in a “links” area or some such on your site to make it easy to get to them all. Maybe a category or tag of “tactical preschool” or something.

    Heck, a category of “tactical preschool” would be great. I’m wanting to link to more of these posts, and a single link to the category like:


    would be really cool. 🙂

  2. boooooooooooooooo! this schmuck should have paid more attention in geometry class. then he’d know what ’90 degrees’ means & why it totally doesn’t apply here. pigs should be eaten, not heard.

    1. Well aint you nice? But since you bring it up I will clarify…

      You have to maintain a 90 degree aspect to the line of sight that you are taking around the corner. Like an inverted “T” with your feet on either end of the cross and your line of view the leg. This means that you side step in an arc as you work your way around the apex of the corner. You remain perpendicular to the apex at all times. If you try to walk “straight” and turret your torso in the direction of the corner you may cross up your feet and trip. Is it “actually 90 degrees”? Probably not. It’s only a descriptive device. Sue me.

      Back to our regularly scheduled heckling.


      1. Enjoying these articles Tgace Trolls should be burned with torches so they don’t regenerate.

  3. That method makes sense, and it’s what I’d think to do myself, but I can imagine a lot of people just walk straight into a room when presented with that kind of situation (which I’d assume is never)

  4. I never thought that walking would take such geometric calculation, but I can see it…

    Like how you enter a walled-off area in an FPS so as to see what you’re dealing with. (There’s a military name for it, my brother being a gun- and FPS-geek, but I can’t think of it at the moment… -_-;)

    Nice to see someone else ponders these things.

  5. Wow, all the tyactical preschool stuff is great. I’m enjoying all of them. Would it be ok if I used these pictures as examples for our EST (emergency services team) training handbook?

  6. I like using the “pie” method in conjunction with a “low man” at the corner ready to buttonhook under my field of fire should I spot a bad guy. If I see one, I call out “tango!” and move quickly back into cover while the low man fires around the corner. I understand speed being a necessity, but dying will sure slow you down. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

  7. just an adendum : if your slicing the pie to the left side move your right foot and position it first before you slightly move the left giving the target an even smaller target to spot

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