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if you are looking for AR pieces n parts…

Take a look at Black Rifle Works Ltd.

I only ordered a few springs and a Magpul baseplate from them, but I was impressed with their prices, availability (they say “if it’s on the site it’s in stock”) and speed of delivery.

For shipping USPS Priority Mail, I had the stuff on my desk as fast as or faster than stuff I have ordered through the “Big Name” suppliers that came FedEx or UPS. Worth a look if you are in the market for stuff. I have them on my list of trusted suppliers.


more about “On Killing” and “The Bulletproof Mind”

8/365 - Bayonet
Image by ricin via Flickr

I have previously posted a few reviews of Col. Dave Grossman‘s presentations and books. I attended his “Bulletproof Mind” seminar last year and posted a review shortly thereafter.

Personally…I have nothing too “bad” to say about the Colonel’s works or theories. As a matter of fact I think that he is spot on in much that he says; but there is some stuff I think he is drawing erroneous conclusions from and I also think that he attempts to “cover too much with too little”.

I just read a critique of Grossman’s work over at the Police Policy Studies Council that dates back to 2001 and takes his stuff to task pretty handily:

He is very popular with police and military audiences.
He is a very likeable guy.
But, are there problems with his reasoning?
And, are some of his stated opinions actually detrimental to the law enforcement community?


The writer raises some good points and I believe that they worth some consideration if you are interested in the topic or are involved in MIL/LE training.


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