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my favorite pocket knife



Over the years I have tried different knives for duty carry. As my concern du jure changed over the years; self-defense, victim extraction tool, package opener, casing extractor, etc. so did my knife. The one I keep going back to is my good old Spyderco Clipit Endura. It’s large and sturdy enough to be a formidable weapon if pressed to it but small and light enough to ride comfortably clipped to the pocket. Some of the other so called “pocket folders” I purchased may have well as been a Bowie for their overall size and weight. At first I wasn’t a big fan of an entirely serrated blade but it has grown on me. I have sawed through seatbelts with it, opened packages, extracted stuck casings, cut open boxes while executing search warrants, turned screws, opened door locks and windows and just about any other task I’ve put to it. Another advantage to the Spyderco is the price. My propensity to loose or break things combined with a job where fence jumping and foot chases are a real possibility makes the “will I want to pull my hair out if I loose it factor” an important point. Loosing a $60-$90 dollar knife in a dark backyard is less painful than a $200-$400 one. The same goes for pens, watches and sunglasses. Unless it winds up in a gutter somewhere, I will probably carry this knife for the foreseeable future.