tactical preschool 57

Todays lesson is a quick one. Inside of buildings you will encounter hallways and intersections. To safely travel during a deliberate search you need to know how to negotiate these danger areas. Below is a basic method of clearing a T-intersection.

As you approach the intersection, determine which direction you want to take. Then begin “slicing the pie” on the opposite corner.  This is to make certain that the area you will have your back to is clear before you take the turn.

After you have visually cleared as much of the corridor as you can, move to the opposite wall.

Once again, slice the pie to clear as much area as possible….

When you are ready to move, cross the “threshold” …I suggest a “quick peek” behind you to check that last thin “slice” you couldn’t clear…then continue to your next problem area.


2 thoughts on “tactical preschool 57”

  1. Thank you for the picture! T-rex has been trying to explain this to me for some time, and I just didn’t get it. I hope I never have to know this, after all that is what he is for 😉 Still good to understand.

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