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liger belt


I recently purchased a Liger Gun Belt. Made by Liger Products Inc, the belt is made up of a high-strength resin-embedded polyester fabric and a machined aircraft aluminum buckle.  It wears quite comfortably, no biting, pinching or edges and for all appearances looks like a leather dress belt. I purchased the black/black combination and it goes quite nicely with any pair of pants I own from uniform to jeans/Kakis to dress pants. The “Ligerthane” material looks like leather but feels like plastic. It claims to be impervious to sweat, solvents and abrasion. There is no stretch to it and it is custom cut. You have to actually measure your waist through your belt loops when sizing. Do not just use your pants size. The toughest part with donning the belt is that the buckle hook is a tight fit to the belt holes. The documentation claims that after continuous use that it wears to an easy and secure fit.

The material has a “tacky” feel to it and it has to be fed trough the belt loops, I suggest that you place your holster, mag carriers, cuffs etc where you want them on the belt before cinching it. Items tend to “lock in place” and stay where you put them. The belt wont easily shift or roll under weight, which is good. I have been wearing it as my “underbelt” at work, to which I attach my duty rig. It has been doing a fine job. Recommended.