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Many people like to start talking about pistolcraft with stance, but as stances are prone to a lot of change on the street, I like to start with grip, which is really the foundation IMHO.

Many people do not think about how to grip a handgun. For an auto pistol especially, the grip makes a big difference. There are various shooting systems; weaver, center axis relock, Chapman method etc. etc. that all recommend various grips. I figure we’ll just start simple…..

With your fingers and thumb making an “L”, place your strong hand as high up on the grip as is comfortably possible. The apex of the web of your hand should be centered at the rearmost point of the curve in the gun’s backstrap. This makes sure you are not gripping the gun too far, or not far enough, around the grip. The forefinger should rest naturally along the side of the frame above the trigger and the other three fingers should wrap easily around the frontstrap of the grip. The strong-hand thumb may either be in a “high” or “low” position. Caution must be used in both of these positions. Too low a position may actuate the magazine release, dumping your mag unintentionally. Too high a position may induce stoppages by unintentionally dragging your thumb on the slide as it cycles.

Your weak hand, should wrap naturally around your strong hand with all of the fingers below the trigger guard. Your weak hand thumb can lay over the top of your strong hand thumb to form a cross (“+”). Other thumb placements are thumbs bent, weak thumb pressing down on the nail of the strong thumb or thumbs stacked, strong on top of weak.

Both elbows should be slightly bent, but both wrists must be locked. The strong hand should be pushing forward slightly, and the weak hand should be pulling back slightly.