tactical preschool 5

I’m thinking of titling this lesson “Cover: Know what you are up against”.

In a previous lesson we learned what Cover and Concealment were. Cover as you recall is something that will stop incoming projectiles. To use cover is simple; get it between you and  the opponent. As long as the cover remains between the two of you, you can be yards behind it and it will still protect you. However, you have to consider the “tactical geometry” that is in play.


If you are facing a single threat, it is possible to gain more protected area and more maneuver room by moving away from your cover. One thing to consider however is the height of your cover…if you move too far back from an object you have to consider the elevation or depression of the terrain you are moving to.


If you have multiple threats facing you, the area of protection and maneuver will be less the farther you move away from cover. Of course, if you or your opponents move the area of protection will change shape and you will have to reposition.

Just as your area of protection and maneuver will be determined by this “tactical geometry”, so will your ability to engage targets.


In an inverse of the protection cone the cover provides you; the closer you are to cover the more protection your opponent has from your outgoing fire.


If you move away from the cover, the more area on the far side of the object will be in your target area.

Adding to these variables will be your ability to move left or right in response to the actions of  your opponent(s). When you move out from cover more area behind it will become visible but the more exposed YOU will be. Change the numbers of opponents or buddies helping you and the math becomes more complex.

That will be a 200 level course…..


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