tactical preschool 8



Today’s lesson is on something we in the trade call the “fatal funnel”. In close quarters combat (CQB) within structures an operator has to deal with entering rooms. Of course, the way to do that is limited to doors and windows unless you have the time, ability, equipment and/or tactical necessity to blow or ram a new opening into a room.  Even then, when there are bad guys within that room the most dangerous area is near or “in” these openings.

There are behavioral and perceptional influences that cause people to fire into entryways. Logically, the defender knows that the only way in is the doorway so he is going to be focused on it. Secondly, these openings silhouette the attacker against the entry point from the defenders perspective making him an easier target to focus on. Even if the walls near these entry points are more “concealment” than”cover” you will find that more shots will be directed at the entry point vs. the walls next to it.  The other thing that makes the doorway “fatal” is that you will be vulnerable from the corners closest to the entry point immediately after you enter the room. A bad guy in either of these corners will be able to attack you from behind if you enter the room and move to its center or if you turn into the corner he is not in.

The lesson here? DON’T STAND IN FRONT OF DOORS! When you have to enter a room do so quickly and get out of the doorway immediately. There are various techniques for “how” to do this and how to choreograph this dance when you have a bunch of friends with you. That will be covered after graduation.