tactical preschool 14


In tactical operations it is vital that EVERYONE knows exactly what is being talked about. Saying “there’s a bad guy in the second window from the left…uhh 4 floors up..uhh on the right side of the building” is going to become a cluster****.

To simplify such references, people in the trade have developed a simple code. While some teams may use different number or letter schemes, the basic principle is this:

The main entrance or street side of a structure will be called “Side 1”, with 2,3,4 being the sides numbered in a clockwise direction. The corners would then be called “1 / 2”..2 /3…and so on.

The building levels will be designated A, B, C…etc. from the ground up. This will be the method regardless of the number of floors visible per side. If one side of the building is below ground , level “A” on that side may be level “B” on the front. To keep it simple the bottom floor is always “level A”.

Openings like doors and windows are numbered 1 through “X” from left to right.


So if I tell you…”YOU! take a position that covers the 1 and 2 sides and keep an eye on the 1B2 opening..our bad guy was last seen firing from there. Our entry team is stacked on the 3 / 4 corner.” you should now know what I am talking about.

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