tactical preschool 19

When utilizing cover it is better to fire from the side than it is from over the top.

Firing over the top of your cover exposes your head and neck to enemy fire.

stand sold over

 Firing around the side exposes much less of  your vital areas to your opponent.

stand sold side



2 thoughts on “tactical preschool 19”

  1. Funny how even when you know it raises the “you could get killed if you do this” stakes, people go for the ‘easy’ way under stress.

    Such a simple point to make but a very important one.

    I’ve noticed the same with getting prone. People (me included back in the day) don’t like to have to get up and down so take a knee or some crap to avoid getting dirty or wet or cold… or just having to stand back up again with all that gear on from the prone.

  2. Although ambidextrous fire is possible with the AUG (depicted), it is also important to note that the most effective side to aim from is your dominant(usually right) side. But if you are thinking that your opponent will know this and target that side beware of switching sides of cover for shells (which become hot when fired) will eject towards your face unless your AS is positioned to counteract this.

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