tactical preschool 3

Another lesson kiddos. This one is a simple concept called displacement:




Once again…nothing “new” or advanced here. When you and an opponent are looking for each other with bad intentions (1) and suddenly come across each other (2); what sometimes happens is an exchange of a few shots and a quick duck back behind cover (3). If and when this happens, it’s usually a good idea to “displace” to a different area of cover and/or concealment (4). If you are lucky, the opponent will peek back out expecting you to be in the place he last saw you. Then you can give him a nasty surprise.

Of course if your opponent is as wily and savvy as you, he may have displaced to another spot as well…keep alert!

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4 thoughts on “tactical preschool 3”

  1. Accordingly, if it is known that you are likely to have moved, it may be possible to regain the element of surprise by staying in the same place, contrary to expectations.

  2. Dislpacing from a position is a very good tactic when you are in a defendable position. I use this tactic in everything, from paintball to online videos games. It’s quite simple. If the enemy knows where you are, dont be there. For example, when sniping in a building, when you get some kills the enemy will come looking for you, this is when you should move to another position. I usually move to a spot that covers the entry ways into the building. this is an easy way to pick off your foes who have the idea that you are occupied looking through your scope.

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