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I have been kicking around a few ideas on a new series of posts that would be  in the same genre as my “tactical preschool” series. Before I go investing too much thought and effort into it I thought I would post up a poll to see what my readership thinks.

What I am considering:

A “survival preschool”- I would try to cover basic survival skills such as water purification, shelter building, field dressing an animal, cold weather survival etc.

An “LE contact preschool”- I would attempt to provide information on the “police contact” basics. How to behave on car stops, common mistakes that people make that can turn a “bad” situation “worse”, dealing with car accidents, tickets, what happens after an arrest etc. No secrets on how to “get out” of something…just basic information about how most LE contacts go.

A “self-sufficiency preschool”- Basic advice on how to do things like change a car tire, do an oil change/brake job, replace a shingle on your roof, mend a fence…a bit of a departure from the normal stuff you see here, but in-line with the philosophy of self-sufficiency as part of the “warriors path”.