tactical preschool 9

A critic of my posts recently said…“That’s gotta be the most worthless “well duh” information I’ve ever read.” Which means that I’m doing my job. Most of this stuff is pretty damn simple, hence the “preschool” thing. Putting it all together and doing it when someone is shooting at you is what makes it hard. Today’s lesson is on what is called “bounding overwatch”.

Bounding Overwatch is a technique that you use while you are maneuvering in hostile territory with a buddy or two and you are NOT actively being engaged. In other words you know that the bad guy is out there but he’s not shooting at you yet.  When there are shots flying back and forth you will likely be using a “fire and maneuver” technique.



To “bound”, one buddy covers likely areas where a bad guy may pop-up while the other moves in a “3 to 5 second rush” to another area of cover/concealment. If the cover element observes an opponent attempting to engage the maneuver element he can place fire on the bad guy  to protect his buddy. The cover element has to be constantly scanning for threats.



Bounding Overwatch is also called “leapfrogging“…after the first guy has found a position he/she becomes the cover element and the other buddy moves up (or back depending on whats going on) to another position of cover/concealment. In this manner the group moves along to their objective.


Bounding Overwatch is a simple and effective way to move through a dangerous area, however it does require some practice and a mutual understanding of the technique between the “operators”.


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4 thoughts on “tactical preschool 9”

  1. LOL! Good point Tom. The best analogy I can think of is skydiving class. They spend 6 hours showing you videos, walking you through the steps, and letting you hang in a rig so that you can do three things:

    1. Jump out of a plane
    2. count to three one thousand
    3. and look up when the shoot opens….

    It sounds simple, but it’s funny how the pucker factor can make even the simplest things like swimming through concrete.

  2. Having jumped out of a plane I have to agree with Paul.

    Please keep up the pre-school. I am really enjoying it. I can’t wait to graduate to the next level.

  3. I found out recently while playing lazertag that not everyone understands the concept behind after I asked my partner to cover me, this when I rushed forward, got shot at and painstakingly returned only to find my partner looking in a completely different direction.

    Big fan of the series!

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