tactical preschool 15

A short tip…

If you are actively engaged and are  moving up to a position of cover, get your weapon up and on target before you arrive. Many people run up to a barricade with their weapon in a depressed position and waste time and movement repositioning their firearm and finding their sights once they get there.

What you want to do is get your weapon up on target just before you arrive, this gets your target acquisition process on-line that much faster.


While this may seem a bit pedantic, I find it illustrates a mindset of smoothness and economy of movement that will serve you well.

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3 thoughts on “tactical preschool 15”

  1. Well keep in mind that we can’t always approach cover in a standing position! Other methods for accelerating combat will be needed in cases when you have to use your hands to reach cover.

    On a side note, I think the reason soldiers/people will do this when approaching cover is to allow themselves to focus more on getting to the area safely. However learning to set up your shot before getting to cover would alse be a very valuable asset.

  2. The only problem with this is in a situation where hostages are involved, that second it takes to pull your weapon up and sight in the enemy gives you time to determine friend or foe and limits the chance you might pull the trigger on someone friendly.

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