tactical preschool 41

Today’s lesson is associated with the concept of displacement, which we have discussed previously.

When you are engaging an opponent, what you do not want to do is become predictable. You do not want to keep coming out from around cover from the same location multiple times. Your opponent will be expecting it and will be aiming at the spot you keep emerging from.

You need to keep moving to keep from being pinned down and to keep your enemy from being able to anticipate your actions. Change locations.

Not only should you be changing locations, you should also be considering changing levels. Change your firing position. Go from standing to kneeling or vice versa.

If the engagement goes on for an extended period you also need to remember to avoid moving in patterns. If the shooter in my illustration were to repeat this movement sequence multiple times, his enemy would likely notice and anticipate his next firing position.

That would be bad juju.

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