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leadership at the point of the bayonet


Ten Principles for Success

Major Dick Winters Easy Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Div. “The Band of Brothers”

  • Strive to be a leader of character, competence, and courage.
  • Lead from the front.  Say, “Follow me!” and then lead the way.
  • Stay in top physical shape, physical stamina is the root of mental toughness.
  • Develop your team.  If you know your people, are fair in setting realistic goals and expectations, and lead by example, you will develop teamwork.
  • Delegate responsibility to your subordinates and let them do their jobs.  You can’t do a good job if you don’t have a chance to use your imagination and creativity.
  • Anticipate problems and prepare to overcome obstacles.  Don’t wait until you get to the top of the ridge and then make up your mind.
  • Remain humble.  Don’t worry about who receives the credit.  Never let power or authority go to your head.
  • Take a moment of self-reflection.  Look at yourself in the mirror every night and ask yourself if you did your best.
  • True satisfaction comes from getting the job done.  They key to a successful leader is to earn respect not because of rank or position, but because you are a leader of character.
  • Hang Tough!Never, ever, give up.

From Beyond Band of Brothers, The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters, by Dick Winters and Col. Cole C. Kingseed. New York: Berkley Publishing Group, 2006. page 293.