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how can I be angered?

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EVERY morning repeat to thyself: I shall meet I with a busybody, an ingrate, and a bully; with treachery, envy, and selfishness. All these vices have fallen to their share because they know not good and evil. But I have contemplated the nature of the good, and seen that it is the beautiful; of evil, and seen that it is deformity; of the sinner, and seen that it is kindred to my own kindred, not because he shares the same flesh and blood and is sprung from the same seed, but because he partakes of the same reason and the same spark of divinity. How then can any of these harm me? For none can involve me in the shameful save myself. Or how can I be angered with my kith and kin, or cherish hatred towards them? –MARCUS AURELIUS ANTONINUS