the M4 unreliable….here we go again.

Carbine M4 1
Carbine M4 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article from the Washington Times has been making the rounds:

Troops left to fend for themselves after Army was warned of flaws in rifle

I won’t rehash the article and I won’t even type my response to it because THIS GUY has already said everything I would have to say.

The Flaws of the M4 Carbine

Three days ago an article was dropped onto the internets by the Washington Times that rippled through the time space continuum of internet commandos and pajama ninjas. The article was a series of interviews with former and active high ranking officials, as well as former service members regarding the reliability and efficacy of the longest serving weapon system (rifle or carbine) in US Military history. We do not need to address that storied history here, however we do need to address the concerns raised in the article and the already common ways they have been addressed and remedied.

Go Read It.

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5 thoughts on “the M4 unreliable….here we go again.”

  1. I’m a soldier, and I’ve been through a plethora of variations of the M16, M4, and I must say, they’re aren’t unreliable. Sure, they jam, but those are the times when they aren’t maintained right and when they get sand inside. Other than that, there’s no need to be shooting in full auto. I’ve never shot in full auto, besides when we have extra ammo and spend them, there’s no reason, unless you want to pretend you have an M240B and shoot rapidly, then of course it’s gonna overheat at 800 rounds. Hell, even the machine guns overheat.

  2. Roger that SSgt…

    IMO this story..while tragic..doesn’t really illustrate a shortcoming of the weapon AS DESIGNED. The M4 is not a SAW and to expect to use it a cyclic rates without eventual consequence is asking a lot IMO. The rifle is “supposed” to be about aiming at a target and hitting it, not laying down suppressive or area fire. Before the M16 “rifle as SAW” was never a thought. That’s why the WWII dog faces carried BAR’s and 1919’s. The M1 was not expected to fire at cyclic rate.

    And my educated guess is that most of these malfunctions in this story were due to the crappy USGI magazines that never seem to get maintained or replaced.

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