my sort of recycling

In this time of financial hardship it’s only logical to try and save money where you can. When I started to see that I was putting large sheets of cardboard out on the curb on a frequent basis It dawned on me that IPSC targets were going for over a dollar apiece.

While it was always possible to simply draw out the dimensions on the board and cut them out, my drive for efficiency (ie laziness) made me think of what easier options there could be.

The solution I came up with was to swipe a piece of foam core board from my wife’s crafting horde and cook up a template.

2013-10-13 13.24.51

I cut out windows for the head and COM zones and punched holes (with a .40 S&W case 🙂 ) for the B Zone area.

Now, whenever I have a large piece of cardboard laying around I grab whatever dwindling can of spray paint I can find in my garage…there’s always one somewhere…and get to work.

2013-10-13 13.24.34

While they may not be as professional in appearance as a store purchased pack, I have a somewhat constant supply of targets at a fraction of the cost.

2013-10-13 13.42.30



4 thoughts on “my sort of recycling”

  1. You can do the same for IDPA targets.

    Many vendors sell paper IPSC/IDPA paper targets at a fraction of the cost.

    My local club uses two different size paper plates, 6 and 8 inch, and simply staples them to used targets, or excess cardboard. They are cheap enough that you can replace them of every shooter or run. If the white is too glaring. (especially or low/no light drills) we spray them with a little almond colored paint and they look just like cardboard.

    Add a old T-shirt stapled first to the backing cardboard and then add your plates and watch the scores change. Usually not for the better.

    Stay safe…………Frank

  2. I don’t know where you get your cardboard but I’ve got a line on large cardboard sheets from a Truck Bed Liner install company if you need more.

  3. You wouldn’t happen to have dimensions for that foam board would you? I’m sure I could eyeball it but it’s always nice to have exact dimensions

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