Chris Dorner…there is NO excuse.

Since Chris Dorner posted his manifesto of grievances and murdered four people in his quest to “clear his name”, some in the public, including the media have given him an undeserved folk hero status. The thought process seems to be that since the LAPD has a history of racism, the actions he took to make the department “pay” are justified, including the murders of people with no ability to influence or control anything that happened to Dorner. It is a very disturbing look into the mindset and lack of moral cohesion among this group of people.

Chris Dorner had a long list of people he wanted to wreak vengeance upon, did any of those people end up on the list of those he murdered?  The question that needs to be asked of those who consider Dorner a “folk hero” is what did Monica Quan, a young, up and coming basketball coach and Keith Lawrence, an African American, Quan’s fiancé, another basketball aficionado and law enforcement hopeful have to do with how Chris Dorner was treated. They both had bright, hopeful futures ahead that Dorner unjustly stole from them.  The quote from Dorner’s manifesto stating that because he “never had an opportunity to have a family of my own, I’m terminating yours,” speaks volumes about him displaying the same sort of barbaric mentality he’s supposedly fighting against.

Let’s look at Dorner’s third victim, Michael Crain.  He was a Riverside police officer with a trainee in the squad car with him when Dorner pulled up alongside their vehicle in Riverside, shooting into their vehicle.  Neither Officer Crain nor his trainee who was seriously wounded had any control over what happened to Dorner, nor had they had any previous contact with him.  Officer Crain was a Marine who’d served two tours in Kuwait, had a family he loved, including a daughter he attended dance recitals with and a son, whose baseball team he coached. To those who think Dorner’s actions were justified, where is the outrage over the injustice for these people who did nothing wrong and had never harmed Dorner?

One of the best write-up’s about this @#$%-up of a person.


5 thoughts on “Chris Dorner…there is NO excuse.”

  1. Even IF every item on his manifesto was true…murder? Is this what our society is devolving to? We can justify murder as “payback” for wrongs? And the media feeds it.

    1. Hello Tom.

      You are right on target! No one using murder as a method of grievence redress is justified! Courts, civil and criminal and the ballot box are the places to get a problem resolved. Are these methods perfect? Not at all, but the taking of another’s life is absolutely final and does not allow for any alternative action(s) if a mistake(s) has occured or a deliberately deceitful behavior has been perpetrated.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Thank you for the honor of quoting my article. I found the folk hero worship of this guy a slap in the face on so many levels!
    Found your blog this morning and as another in the struggle to clarify what it means to be a warrior, I am glad to see another taking that closer look. After much thought and reading Brandon Webb’s “The Red Circle”, Marcus Luttrell’s “Service” and Chris Kyle’s “American Sniper”,among so many others, I’ve defined my understanding of warrior to mean the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors, as well as serving others in the highest moral sense.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to see your thoughts unfold.

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