gun control..always the easy way out.

pistol packin' mama
pistol packin’ mama (Photo credit: Stolen w-heels)

I was considering what I would do If I were the “gun control guy in charge”. Thinking of things I have seen, I would add these ideas:

My PD’s domestic violence policy includes seizing firearms. Once taken the Judge and the Chief decide when to return them. Our state also routinely bars gun possession when DV orders of protection are placed. I’d upgrade that process with a form system that adds up factors (physical violence used 5pts, verbal threats 3 pts, weapon displayed 10 pts..etc) and once a level is reached weapon seizure would be required. Right now we have an officer discretion aspect that puts a burden on the officer. What about implementing a similar system nationwide?

I’d also look into expanding the ability to bar gun ownership. The “convicted felon” rule is a start, but MANY bad guys never get a felony CONVICTION. Plea deals…refusals to prosecute…etc mean lengthy records but no felony convictions. What about a person with 75 arrests for non felony crimes? I hate to deny a Constitutional right to someone because all they do is steal and use dope, but do they possess the mental ability to be able to buy a gun? What about someone who sets a puppy on fire? Someone with 10 DWI’s and 5 arrests for drunken assaults at night clubs?

And more difficult..what about doctors? Should they have the ability to call LE or a gvt office and deny someone with mental illness the right to a gun? What about the rights of the people living with that person?

All of this would have to have a system of due process…the person would have to be able to contest the removal of their rights. There would have to be determinations of how long these rights will be denied and what the requirements for getting it back would be.

It’s a difficult issue. I certainly DON’T want to deny someone their Constitutional rights without ABSOLUTE good cause. I don’t have any suggestions for how to implement any of these ideas or even know 100% that they would be good ideas…I’m just putting something out there.IMO however..the difficult course of action is probably going to be the most likely to be effective. Start dealing with the PEOPLE instead of the OBJECT.

But what we will most likely do is punish the majority of law abiders with bans on guns/magazines because its EASIER to do that than it is to deal with the difficult issues that would really address the problem without punishing those who don’t deserve it.


One thought on “gun control..always the easy way out.”

  1. My guess is that the many people aren’t troubled by this deprivation of a constitutional right. But they should be. Many felonies, such as those that Mr. Cunningham committed, did not involve violence or even the threat of violence. So why should someone who serves his or her time in prison forfeit their gun rights forever?

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