the mystical and the mundane

I’ve often wondered how people (especially martial artists) can consider this:

an Art with all the benefits we ascribe to martial arts (discipline, mental clarity, improved concentration, moving meditation…etc.).

While they dismiss this:

As simply “shooting”…a hobby enjoyed by “gun nuts”, right wing extremists, rednecks and “preppers”.

Not that Iaido is NOT an “Art” or that it doesn’t have those benefits mind you, but the physical mechanics of drawing a sword are not “mystical”. The discipline of a trained firearms user is little different IMO. I laugh at the idea that a sub 2 second failure drill is somehow “less” than a clean sword cut.

Don’t confuse people out shooting at tin cans with skilled shooters. There are plenty of people out swinging martial arts weapons in their back yards with no training (as we all know)…they do not seem to taint the entire pool of martial artists though.

3 thoughts on “the mystical and the mundane”

  1. I’m always amazed at the logic that an ‘anachronistic’ martial art has more validity and nobility than a modern/practical martial art simply because of the tool. The mind is sharpened and improved first and foremost in any of these disciplines IMO.

    If swinging swords and knives was truly superior to firearms, then why aren’t police carrying them now?

  2. Great video. It is really interesting that people look at some thing very old and make it into an art while someone utilizing a modern tool is considered a nut! Efficiency in motion is what is important whether one is utilizing a shinken or a modern firearm. I am always amazed at anyone in any discipline martial or otherwise that has efficiency in motion! That is truly awesome to behold!

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