top dog

Dog sunny Day Afternoon
Dog sunny Day Afternoon (Photo credit: allert)

With just over 25,000 views. My post “Tactical Preschool 4” is the most popular single post on this blog.

What I find interesting is how video game forums/blogs seem to be the largest audience for this post.


2 thoughts on “top dog”

  1. That’s how I came to your page. Games like Arma II and BF3 are places where you can actually practice these things on a daily basis with expensive military grade weaponry and increasingly realistic immersion. You can also do it with other weird people who have the same hobby. It’s alot of fun. Eventually, your interest can turn into a real world hobby, but the games are satisfying and a great way for a civilian in NY to play soldier with a SteyrAug/glock18/hk516 when he gets home from work. I just bought my first gun ever – a S&W M&P 9mm c a few months back and I love it. Thanks for all of the tips so far, from one gamer nerd to a gun nerd.

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