catch phrase craziness

The higher up I get in the administrative chain the more I have to deal with buzzwords, theories and “process”.  Organizations and entities like LE seem to love the latest theories such as “Community Policing” and “Intelligence Led Policing”.  All the trade magazines start talking about them, agencies start sending officers to classes in the hopes of using them. The problem is (in my experience) is that there is very little meat to chew on.

The problem people who DO have with the people who deal in CONCEPTS is that the latter all seem to be long on process and short on application. Ive lost count of how many classes on things like “Intelligence Led Policing” I’ve gone to where everything the presenter said made sense while he was saying it, but on the drive back to the PD you realize that you really have no clue how you are supposed to implement it. I’d trade days worth of theory classes for a couple of hours of someone telling me “try THIS and see if you notice improvement”.


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