the stuff that’s out there (aka caveat emptor)

The popularity of tactical firearms training is on the rise. Thanks to the internet, people looking for instruction in weaponcraft have many sources to refer to and training groups are easy to find with a simple “Google”.

That being said…do your due diligence. Research the people you are considering training with and compare them to other sources. Take a look at this video:

This is the same group/guy mentioned over a back in 2010.

One would think that with all the stuff available for the watching on the net, that these people would have been exposed to videos like this:

Nuff said?? I know that not all the students are going to look as sharp as the instructor, but compare the stuff they are teaching and how they are teaching it.

Now…when if you come across a web page advertising instruction in “tactical firearms” and see the teacher has all sorts of tactical/LE/military credentials, and you see the first video as a sample, wouldn’t you be skeptical when you know that guys in the second video are out there teaching too?

2 thoughts on “the stuff that’s out there (aka caveat emptor)”

  1. That was the worst re-enactment of Michael Mann’s “Heat” I have ever seen…….(whisper whisper whisper whisper)….TRAINING!….WTF!.

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