just a thought about one front of the “drug war” from the trenches

Marijuana (Photo credit: warrantedarrest)

Weed, weed, weed. The poster child for the legalization crowd. Legalize it and our financial problems will be solved (like it’s saved California LOL!), the jails will be emptied, the “war on drugs” will be over and medicinal miracle plant will cure everything from AIDS to the bubonic plague.

Personally…if the politicians decide to legalize the “devil weed”, life will go on. I’m not about to preach about bud being a “gateway drug”. The “gateway” is the type of person who decides to do something BECAUSE it’s against the law. For that sort of person, if it’s not ganja it will be something else.  I’m also not saying that its a bigger societal problem than cigarettes or alcohol (but what…those are not trouble enough?). I won’t be out on the public square with a sign. And I do think that the States who make simple possession of user amounts a crime vs. a violation like in my state, are making people into “criminals” who probably don’t deserve the label.


Currently…marijuana IS illegal. You know it. I know it, and its a just a freakin plant that gives you a buzz, you tell me YOUR life can’t go on without it? All the drum beating for legalization is just a lot of smoke for “I feels good and I want it”. I’d like a gun locker full of full-automatic toys with suppressors, they would make me feel good…but they are against the law so I don’t have any. The crying about people facing the consequences for doing something they KNEW was illegal when they did it rings hollow.

And spare me the “don’t you have something better to do?” bunk. If your entire neighborhood is calling the police complaining about the pot smoking and the marijuana sales in front of your home we (the 5-0) are supposed to ignore their rights to have the police address their problems? If you want weed legal…by all means campaign for it, but if you get caught with it put on your big boy pants and live with the consequences.



26 thoughts on “just a thought about one front of the “drug war” from the trenches”

    1. The “war on drugs” is a federal “war” attempting to deal with the source of supply and the cartels. We locals have been locking people up for drug sales/possession for far longer than this supposed “war” has been going on.

      1. Well. It depends on the drugs you are talking about and how big of an operation you are talking about. Different drugs come from different sources and depending on your location you may have varying levels of hierarchy in the drug chain.

        Most of the “big dealers” in our area are somewhat mid-level. Many of them have to get their supply by either travelling to get it, or by meeting couriers. Some smaller dealers may just get their dope deliverd through package delivery services.

  1. It sounds like it’s unstoppable, like Prohibition in the 1920’s. Isn’t that something we should have learned from US history?

    1. Do you want Heroin, Coke, Meth and the like legal too? That shit is killing people, some slowly…others quickly. If the topic is decriminalization of user level offenses (fines and mandated treatment vs jail) I could agree with that. If we are talking about not charging the dealers who peddal this posion onto the street…no way.

      And as any LEO would tell you, nothing is “stoppable”, it’s about management and reduction…what criminal activity has ever been “stopped”?

      1. “If the topic is decriminalization of user level offenses (fines and mandated treatment vs jail) I could agree with that.”

        “nothing is “stoppable”, it’s about management and reduction”

        I like these ideals and approaches.

      2. As far as marijuana goes, thats how it is in NY already. Possession of Marijuana is a “violation” punishable by a fine. We cant even hold an offender on bail. They must be processed and released.

      3. Cigarettes are poison, yet they’re legally sold. There’s no safe or responsible way to use them. The same would be true of marijuana. I’ve heard smoking one joint is like smoking 20 cigarettes. Alcohol is poison, too. But, alcohol can be used responsibly…a glass of wine with dinner, perhaps. I don’t think I really have any particular point…just blabbing. LOL

      4. Are you defending cigarette smoking? You can become sick from second smoke.

      5. Becoming sick from someone else’s smoke isn’t for me. I don’t care if it’s 20 years later…I don’t smoke.
        Multiple people can get sick from second-hand smoke. More and more people to burden an already strained health care system.

      6. Im not debating that cigarette smoke is good for you. Im saying that unlike cigarettes..you can get “stoned” on secondhand smoke. So all the people who like to say “make it legal..treat it like alcohol” have to take that into consideration.

      7. I don’t use pot. However, what’s wrong with getting buzzed responsibly. Basically, I don’t drink either. One lite beer gets me buzzed. If someone wants to have a drink at home, and not drive, or do anything illegal, or stupid, what’s the problem. When we work out we release endorphins more powerful than heroin. We head for home high on endorphins. If pot were legal, and smoked as not to effect anyone else, what’s the problem? I know it’s bad for the body and the brain. However, people will always abuse things.

      8. Like cigarettes, the smoking of pot would be not allowed in the presence of others not wishing to inhale it second hand. Then Tom, you won’t get a “contact buzz”.

  2. I feel a lot of people focus on Marijuana simply because its a prime example of where America is headed, 1984, Big Brother, Nanny state, whatever you want to refer to it as. Its not the fact that, oh no! I cant have my hobbit leaf! Its I dont need the Big Gov telling me what I should or should not put in my body.

  3. Just because something is ‘unstoppable’ doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing IMO. Law Enforcement, Military, Education, Medicine, .. all deal with ‘unstoppable’ issues – but idea isn’t to ‘stop’ them as far as I understand.

    That concept of living based on an ideal or code vs. Living a ‘lifestyle’ which embraces an indomitable spirit is what ‘martial arts’ training (as well as any athletic endeavor) is supposedly about.

    “War on Drugs” is a metaphorical term for the mentality that the FED is taking toward illegal drugs NOT a literal declaration of war on ‘drugs’ (because you declare war on a country/countries NOT an inanimate object). I roll my eyes when the press/politics can’t seem to understand the difference between a symbolic use of the term and the literal use of the term.

    I’d tag on to the ‘MJ decriminalized’ problem by saying that you can ‘decriminalize’ it on the books but the problem is not the DRUG (regardless of MJ, Crack… whatever) but the SYSTEM of CRIMINALS and the violence they use to do business. You can’t ‘decriminalize’ that. And that, IMO, the point. MJ is illegal, MJ is trafficked in illegal ways, MJ monies support illegal activities that are hazardous to citizens…

    I don’t care how ‘low key’ MJ users are portrayed, I care, as a civilian who trains in self defense focused martial arts, that first, I’m the one with the ‘unstoppable’ mentality and not a ‘why bother do it because there’s just another bad guy out there somewhere’ attitude. Second, that I have a basic understanding the crime in my area (what is the crime, where is it happening, why is it happening, who is committing it…) in order to make safe decisions and smart decisions.

    1. If MJ were sold like cigarettes are, wouldn’t that take away the criminal element on the streets?

      1. And we don’t have an ATF to deal with the ILLEGAL handling of LEGAL cigarettes (along with Alcohol and Firearms) in place? Legal or illegal, the point is not “MJ” so much as the SYSTEM of trafficking it… that won’t go away because you legalize it.

  4. Speaking on cannabis specifically, I think it should be decriminalized and regulated the same way as tobacco and alcohol. We have a pretty good system of production and distribution of tobacco and alcohol that could easily be adapted for marijuana. With the whole California is a *#&@ed up state argument aside, just look at the state-level legal production of MJ in California. It was grown legally before and it can easily be grown within regulation now.

    Our LE, judicial and penal system is overcrowded with non-violent offenders penalized over possession. We can also weed out the violent criminal aspect of the growers and distributors by regulation MJ like tobacco. Seriously, when is the last time we had a major organized crime ring involving tobacco and alcohol outside of the prohibition era.

    There’s an entrenched system of both government and corporate entities that profit from MJ being illegal. Get rid of that waste in tax dollars.

    Regarding cocain, crack and heroin, those drugs are a whole different level of drugs that create physical addiction, greatly detrimental to physical health, and are difficult to grow within the USA, which causes foreign organized crime rings to profit from them.

    1. Don’t confuse decriminalization with legalization. Simple possession is “decriminalized” here in NY, but that only means its not a misdemeanor. You still get arrested but its only punishable by fine…no jail.

    2. Let’s not forget too that, though cigarettes may be ‘legal’ to possess they are regulated by age and public ordinance because cigarettes cause second hand smoke related consequences to non smokers as well. If I remember correctly from health class, MJ is more poisonous than a normal cigarette – along with the ‘second hand high’ issue on top of the cancer related problems…

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