more opinions on the definition of “warrior”

Warrior (comics)
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Low Tech Combat has an interesting post up about the use of the term “Warrior”.

When you type in the query “What is a Warrior” to Google, you get over 25,000,000 results. Yes, that’s twenty-five million.

And yet it is still such a disputed topic.

Many argue about what a warrior is and is not.

Some argue that only a man that has fought in a war and returned is a warrior. Others say a brave child who has fought off cancer is a warrior.

There are many other classifications and strong opinions on what may be allowed to be defined as a warrior and what must not be.

Others profusely despise the term in its entirety. The term has lost all meaning in the 21st century pop culture where young men learn their morales from day time soap operas and shiny movies whilst drinking soft drink and eating fairy floss.

Such people believe the term has been both over romanticized and distilled down into a feel good term that can be attached to anyone who shows basic goodness.

Let’s get to the bottom of this…

Take the time to read LTC’s definition of the term.


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