have people ever really changed?

Achilles tending Patroclus wounded by an arrow...
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The rest now took their seats and kept to their own several places, but Thersites still went on wagging his unbridled tongue—a man of many words, and those unseemly; a monger of sedition, a railer against all who were in authority, who cared not what he said, so that he might set the Achaeans in a laugh.

-The Iliad

I’m rereading the Iliad and this passage caught me. The Iliad is believed to be dated around the 8th Century BC, but who has not run into a person like Thersites at some point in their lives?

Ive always thought that while customs, styles and culture may change throughout the ages; there is a core of human behavior that has existed and will continue to exist, across all of humanity, as long as our species survives.

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