how much is good enough?

In light of my recent post “what exactly do you think you are doing”, I thought that moving up this post from last year would add yet another professionals opinion on the issue of training priorities.

Former SEAL and “Tactical Impact” star Kyle Defoor has a blog going. Go check it out.

I especially like the post Training Balance and How Good is Good Enough?

The first thing you need to do clearly identify your needs of training FOR THE REAL WORLD, such as; carbine, pistol, blade, combatives, physical fitness, tactics. Once you’ve made a list of the what, honestly ask yourself what you really NEED the most and which one you just LIKE to do. Here lies the problem. We (humans) like to practice what we’re good at, and what makes us feel good. Over time this is a recipe for disaster.

Kyle has a lot of good stuff; rifle painting, controlling fear, repairing EoTechs…take a look.



One thought on “how much is good enough?”

  1. I love this find. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or not, but I wanted to hold off on commenting for a bit, but looks like a lot of people are in “Santa Collaboration/Shopping” mode so I’ll dive in.

    In the military I remember using a training matrix and as a school teacher it’s pretty common to use some kind of ‘standards’ that drive the planning.

    Even with all that experience and expertise on designing a comprehensive, focused, and tightly designed training module, I find my personal training to fall into the rut of doing what I like more than what I need at times.

    This is a nice article to wake up the ‘cod liver oil’ mentality – you don’t have to like it but you do have to do it.

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