an oath

Sir Kay breaketh his sword at ye Tournament
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“And this was the covenant of their Knighthood of the Round Table:

That they would be gentle unto the weak; that they would be courageous unto the strong; that they would be terrible unto the wicked and the evil-doer; that they would defend the helpless who should call upon them for aid; that all women should be held unto them sacred; that they would stand unto the defence of one another whensoever such defence should be required; that they would be merciful unto all men; that they would be gentle of deed, true in friendship, and faithful in love.

This was their covenant, and unto it each knight sware upon the cross of his sword, and in witness thereof did kiss the hilt thereof.”

– Howard Pyle; “King Arthur and the knights of The Round Table”



One thought on “an oath”

  1. If only more individual people were so inclined! What a better world we would have tight now. The ideas contained within the oath are highly moral and actually quite practical… the oath is simply a much longer and fleahed out version of the older Biblical admanition – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    A very nice find, Tom,


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