mixing conditioning with technique training

My buddy Paul over at Tactical Arnis has put together a little video showing how you can mix in body-weight exercises and resistance bands into your martial arts training to add in a little touch of that “gassed factor” quicker than having to do actual 5 minute rounds.

I did a post on mixing in burpees a while back for some additional information on the idea.


7 thoughts on “mixing conditioning with technique training”

    1. Short answer no, you cnnoat, not in any way shape or form Do you know how many times learning martial arts by internet or video is asked on here? Searchign martial arts video returned over 900 results.Why in the hell would you think you could learn somethign as complicated as martial arts on video? It takes learning under a good instructor that can correct any mistakes you make. It also takes live partners to practice with.There are no shortcuts to properly learning any martial art. It takes effort, blood, and sweat

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