agility, footwork and tactical application

This post is intended to dovetail with my previous post about applying simple, martial arts based footwork to firearms training.

My good friend Paul (who has posted here before) teaches a martial arts class and runs a martial arts blog too. He has been putting together some videos explaining the core concepts of the style that he teaches. His most recent post/video covers the concept of base footwork patterns:

My previous video about simple footwork patterns as applied to handgun deployment is but a subset of this more martial arts based video series he is putting together. While footwork patterns are not necessarily proprietary to martial arts…a step and turn is a step and turn…I am interested in exploring where basic concepts can intersect.



One thought on “agility, footwork and tactical application”

  1. I love this blog entry… it shows a great understanding of conceptual orientation and application, plus it is presented in a 1 minute time frame without a lot of unnecessary and repetative header material.



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