fancy footwork (not really) #2

I have posted about footwork here before. In that last post I had mentioned how martial arts footwork “tips” and patterns could be incorporated into a LE/Mil/RBSD scenario. In this post I would like to address how footwork again can be applied, this time when deploying a firearm. Watch the following video:

The static draw and lateral step are fairly simple concepts; the “cover and turn step” to face the rear is what I would like to talk about.

Note that when turning to face a threat behind me that I always step FORWARD with the weapon side leg before pivoting. This gives me the the advantage of adding distance from the threat while I am moving the weapon away from an attempted grab instead of into one.

This pivot and turn is taken directly from some Kenpo and Filipino Martial Arts instruction that I have taken. I think it’s a good example of how simple concepts from martial arts can be incorporated into “regular” training. You don’t have to be on a quest for a black belt or looking to deploy exotic oriential weapons to take useful techniques and incorporate them into your firearms training.




3 thoughts on “fancy footwork (not really) #2”

  1. I’m curious, along this line of thought have you checked out the work done by Gabe Suarez, Southnarc and Sonny Puzikas? Their work with the Pekiti Takeoff, In Quartata, and Spetsnaz Takeoff among others is along this line of thought and pretty interesting (to me at least).

  2. Great demonstration! These simple steps are something can save a person’s life when the time comes. The most important part of this is you have to practice, practice and practice. A person does not need to be tripping over their feet when the bad guy is coming at you. We teach something similar along these lines

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