training goals and drills

I was out shooting this weekend and as usual was filming my 10-8 drill:

Something that popped into my head was the fact that I wasn’t practicing breaking tunnel vision or doing my 360 scan, so I decided to incorporate it. But, as you see, I had a brain freeze and did a scan with an empty weapon…which is pointless.

I then thought about it for a few minutes and realized that this drill didn’t support practicing the scan because some stages left you with no full magazines and some did. Some stages would allow a reload and scan between stages and some left you out of ammo unless you intentionally staged extra magazines in pockets to move into your holders. So I am now considering my options; do I just do the drill as designed? Do I figure out which stages allow a reload between stages and practice my scan only on those? Do I redesign the entire drill to allow reloads and scans?

How often do you analyze the drills you practice to see how well they support your training philosophy?



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