some more “watch me shoot” video

Yeah some more video of me shooting. Just keep in mind that I use this blog to both express my opinion and as a training journal of sorts.

So…I went out to my little bit of land to shoot today. I did a little range maintenance, drove some range markers into the ground at 25 yard intervals  and re-zeroed my rifle. Refer to Tactical Preschool 31 if you don’t know what that means.

I was running a 25 yard zero for a bit. It closely matched the military 25 meter zero that I was familiar with from my service days. When zeroed at 25 yards, the bullet will hit your point of aim at 25 yards (duh), and climb above your line of sight as far as 8 to 9 inches around 225 yards  away. It will then start falling back down to hit your point of aim out around 410 yards downrange.

So… what this means is that you can aim directly at and hit (as long as wind doesn’t screw you up) a target 410 yards away, but you better be aiming low (lower ribcage) at a target between 100 to 350 yards away. The military chose this zero because they wanted to give soldiers the ability to engage targets at fairly long range. The problem occurs when all you have is an enemies head poking around or over cover 100 yards away. You better be good at “holding under” the right distance or you are going to miss.

An alternative that is being used widely in Law Enforcement circles these days is the 50 yard zero:

When zeroed at 50 yards, you will only be 2 inches high around 140 yards and back to point of aim around 220 yards. From there out it starts to drop pretty steeply. So now, when all you have is a bad guys head shooting over a car hood, you can aim pretty much right on it all the way out to 220 yards and not have to worry about holding under. For the distances encountered in most LE or civilian defensive shootings this seems like a no-brainer.

Here is some video of me shooting at a 7″ diameter steel plate from 100 yards away using an un-magnified EoTech aiming device…standing:

All I’m doing is holding the dot a tad below center because at 100 yards it should be hitting around 1.5″ high. With a 25 yard zero I would have to be holding the dot 3-4 inches below the target.

I also worked a bit on my reloads:



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