there is nothing like hitting something.

My buddy Paul has a new post up on his blog Tactical Arnis. It talks about the importance of striking an object vs “air strikes” in martial arts training.

Just like boxers, kick boxers, or MMA’ers, TacArnis students train to hit and/or be hit. We have to condition our joints, our muscles, and our nervous systems in order to give and take a hit. Unlike boxers, kick boxers, or MMA’ers though, TacArnis students practice with weapons as well as empty hand.

Whether it’s hitting an opponents weapon as a block or striking vital areas in order to stop a ‘bad guy’ (or guys or guys and gals…) swinging sticks in patterns in the air is totally different from the impact, drag, and reverberation of really hitting something. Even the ‘middle ground’ of using light contact striking with a live partner won’t condition the body for throwing a committed strike with a stick anymore than slap boxing prepares boxers for contact.

Paul and yours truly can be seen doing some striking training in this YouTube video:

No need to buy any fancy equipment. An old tire works just fine. Paul did most of the striking because by this point in our workout, yours truly had opened up miltiple blisters on both hands, a sign that I haven’t done this sort of training in a while.




5 thoughts on “there is nothing like hitting something.”

  1. Thanks for the pig back Tom. Another benefit of the tire is that it really forces you to appreciate the ‘centerline’ theory of striking and targeting. It’s almost like shooting bowling pins with a rifel/pistol in that way.

    1. I draw the comparison to firearms: You get better by shooting at targets along with dry fire practice. You won’t be able to do much more than look good swinging a weapon if you only ‘dry fire’ your weapon and don’t hit with it too.

  2. It is so important to hit some thing. Some times I am amazed at the people who have really never hit a bag, tire, etc. with their tools of the trade. Good post!

    Here is a video clip featuring yours truly with some air strikes followed by bag work. Really basic stuff I filmed for my students to give them an idea:

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