we do dangerous things…

But that doesn’t mean that you should do stupid things. This video clip has been passing through the gun blog-discussion board world like wildfire lately.

The safety violations are too numerous to list, but the one that stuck out most in my mind was the “room clearing” segment where one person was firing directly in front of a team member as he was moving to enter the next room.

This training group calls themslves American Defense Enterprises, and the following is their promotional video.

Now my momma taught me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say I shouldn’t say anything at all, so I will not make this a “jump on the bandwagon” post. But please…if you are considering taking some weapons training, do your homework.



5 thoughts on “we do dangerous things…”

  1. This isn’t cool, this is stupid.

    I notice that the website is carefully worded so that it isn’t totally clear if the instructors are claiming to be Spec Ops/LEO Instructors or instructors OF Spec Ops/LEO because a few of them took their course possibly.

    I had the chance to teach some ‘combatives’ at my last USMC unit and then some ‘defensive tactics’ at my last USANG MP unit because they had a few blocks of instruction that needed to be filled

    I’ve also instructed some military/leo at the college and at my private business schools along the way… SO WHAT!

    That’s not the same as being contracted/hired BY a unit or agency… BIG difference.

  2. After reading through the website, comments and so on, it’s pretty clear that these guys/gals are really ‘feeding the dream’ of people and trying to ‘break into’ a bit of show biz themselves. THey are california/L.A. located and seem to get more than a few entertainment/stunt/action types such as


    Understand I’m NOT discrediting Ms. Brownlee as a shooter or an intelligent person. I am saying that I think Mr. Beasley, former Delta or not, is catering to a customer base who are more interested in experience and training (or should I say “experience through training”) than they are interested in training for experience/survival…

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