deleted scene from an old favorite

Lethal Weapon 1. Man… that was one of my all time favorites back in the day.




7 thoughts on “deleted scene from an old favorite”

  1. Darn. Never even knew that deleted scene was out there. Thanks for posting that.
    I, too, loved the first Lethal Weapon, and then watched in unsurprised dismay as the series slid from pathos to bathos.
    Die Hard suffered the same fate, pretty much.
    Hollywood sucks.

      1. L1 and (a little less) L2 were the only ones worth watching IMO. After that, they drifted from what made them good to watch and tried to rely too much on comedy and ‘tricks.’

    1. LOL! You need to read my post:

      5. Kill em and Leave em:The “profilers” arrive like the cavalry…light up some scumbag and then hop back on their jet and fly off into the sunset. Yeah when an on-duty shooting happens that’s pretty much how it investigations, lawsuits or court appearances necessary. If you are “with the crime lab” or a “profiler” you can just holster up and walk away.

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