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We were recently having an interesting exchange about the “train your weakness” vs improve your strength concept. We have all heard the old saw about how you should be training in the areas you are weakest in to improve your overall game. I think that after examining ones “mission” that there is absolutely a benefit to working on your training gaps, but I don’t think the answer is all that simple.




One thought on “TDA Trainings Facebook Page”

  1. I agree with you…the answer is not that simple. We all know that we are our own worst critics and therefore what we may see as a weakness, others may not. As Law Enforcement Officers we tend to not like having someone tell us where we need improvement, however, we should be seeking the constructive criticism that we need in order to improve ourselves. As an instructor, one of my goals has always been to find where the person is their weakest and work on having them improve it. But I also have them continue working on their strengths. I have found that when you use a two-prong approach it benefits everyone in the long run

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