Whats says “4th of July” weekend like…

…a day out shooting?

A few things I learned:

-I don’t typically wear a chest rig (except when I go out shooting I guess), the one I have doesn’t especially play well with my holster and mag carrier as you can see from some of the vids. I will most likely be getting a thigh rig for work later this year so I will hopefully solve that problem.

-My steel plate set-up works well enough for single shots, but the swinging/bouncing thing makes double-taps a problem at any sort of advanced speed. I also think I need to re-think my suspension rig. I’m considering rubber tire strips. I’m shooting off too much chain with the .223 and that’s gonna cost $$$ in the long term.

-Time to make some more paper target stands. Multiple steel target shooting and multiple paper targets are two different training animals. There are some drills I really need 3-4 paper target stands for.


One thought on “Whats says “4th of July” weekend like…”

  1. A suggestion for your suspension rig. You might try welded loop chain connecting to the target with a single or double shackle. It would offer a bit of weight to deaden target swing a bit and also be able to withstand the abuse of an errant shot/debris

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