i strike your bus with my spetsnaz hockey stick of doom +25

I know some Russophiles out there will get their budyonovkas in a twist over this one. You know who I’m talking about, those westerners who insist insist that their AK’s are “da bomb”, Russian Vodka is the nectar of the Gods, Systema is the ultimate martial art and the Spetsnaz are the best SF in the known universe (even the Deadliest Warrior show on SPIKE said so, so they MUST be right 😛 ) , but you don’t want to get rescued by them if someone takes over your bus.

And before someone starts to explain to me that “Spetsnaz” is an umbrella term for various Russian SF from Alfa to regional groups…I know. But my opinion still stands. They may be in better shape (militarily poorer nations tend to focus more on PT cause its low tech/low cost), perhaps mentally tougher and with fewer constraints than western SF; but when it comes to gear and operational art I’ll side with western SF organizations.


12 thoughts on “i strike your bus with my spetsnaz hockey stick of doom +25”

  1. this makes me think of the Office episode “Threat Level: Midnight” where Michael makes an action movie.

    The only worthwhile thing the Commies ever gave us was the AK and possibly…possibly the Makarov only because in my opinion, Nikolai Makarov put the safety de-cocker in a 1911 configuration over Walther’s silly idea. Though certainly not worth twenty million dead citizens under Stalin alone.


  2. Years ago when I was on our team, we did bus assault training with snipers. We hid in a stack a few feet from the rear of the bus, but concealed from any bus occupants, when the snipers would unload with .308’s at their targets. We would immediately run up with small ladders which were scaled and we would take care of any surviving targets with handguns. We could clear a bus in around 5 seconds. But had I know we could simply blows the bus to pieces, it would have been a lot less work and slightly more amusing.

  3. Only problem being that the video you have there is of the Kazahkstan Special Forces and not the Russian Spetznaz. That videos been around a couple years, it still is crazy though.

  4. my favorite part…well after everyone’s favorite part is the guy in the upper left hand corner who is just firing up in the air for no apparent reason.

    1. Funny you mention that. When surfing around some YouTube links associated with this clip I found a number of ComBloc LE/Mil demonstrations like this where they are doing this.

      1. Shooting randomly into the air… are these demonstrations or training videos? I could see some (Strange and dramatic, but some) logic to spraying the air if it were a demonstration – but even then it’s kind of silly.

      2. They look like demos, but even then what would the point of firing into the air be? I would never do something training or demo that I wouldn’t do in “real life”. They have different sensibilities over there it seems.

      3. The only ‘demo’ reason I could think of would be to either ‘condition’ the habit of laying down cover fire (firing blanks in the air during demo might be ‘safer’ ) or to create more “drama” since everyone is causing noise and mayhem for the audience…

        I’m not saying these are good reasons, just possible reasons – if there even is one.

  5. I… am pretty sure they were supposed to disable the bomb… It looks like the bus was turned into unguided cartillery, they intercepted it, preventing it from moving forward to it’s target, but moved too slow or something.

    Or this was just the pinto bus version…

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