“i survived because i took it to him”



3 thoughts on ““i survived because i took it to him””

  1. Thank you for the video. This line of his interested me:

    “So I’m hitting him; and he’s wincing in pain, I can feel it.”

    As respectfully as possible, is there anyone on here who has been involved in a zero sum conflict and had a similar experience? I’m interested to learn about these connections that are formed with the attacker.
    When you “feel” someone outside of you getting hit, is it on a personal/individual level, or is it more like the space around you in general changes (like the metaphorical “tide turning”)?

  2. Thank God for fight or flight! If the body registered every pain receptor it could under these circumstances… ouch squared!

    I think this is testimony to many aspects of ‘warrior’ training/mindset, but I think, for this man, the BIGGEST factor seemed to be the ‘permission’ and ‘authority’ he conditioned into himself as a Law Enforcement Officer. Many times, when training civilians, the ‘gee whiz, I don’t know…’ thing is difficult to overcome and near impossible to avoid. When training people who have sworn an oath like LEO/EMS/Military… the ‘commitment’ and ‘grit’ to get the job done and to training with reality in mind is already there since they not only are dealing with the ‘what if…’ possibility – it’s a ‘when it happens’ mentality.

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