russian dude-weapons fun

I don’t know who this guy is or his background, but he manages to get his hands on some wild toys.

A 40mm Bofors? Are you kidding me?

The guy is pretty funny and knowledgeable, his vids are worth the time if you are into exotic/foreign weapon systems. I only have one beef..where is the eye and ear protection in 99% of these videos?

 This just in. This guy most likely isnt Russian, but where does he get such nice toys?



6 thoughts on “russian dude-weapons fun”

  1. He said in a video a while ago that he didn’t wear eat protection outside because he didn’t really need it. I don’t remember which video that was. He does wear it when he’s in doors shooting at a range though as you’ll see in those videos. I know he knows some people but I don’t really have any clue how he gets access to all this stuff.

  2. Hey thanks for the link at the end Tom. I am actually quite suprised that he isn’t really russian. Goes to show that he could be a pretty good actor I guess.

    1. Just goes to show…never take anything on the internet at face value. Do your research and think for yourself. That includes anything I say here too. LOL!

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