where else would you rather be?

Cover of "The Book of Eli"
Cover of The Book of Eli

A good post recently went up over at Straight Forward in a Crooked World. Matthew talks about the differences between a “go bag” and a “bug out bag”. He says this about the notion of “bugging out”.

Despite all of its darkly romantic notions bugging out presents far larger issues than staying put. I have tools, vehicles, defensible structure, multiple firearms, ammunition, reloading capabilities, food, clothing…..resources.I’d much rather stay, live uncomfortable for a time, fight when and if I have to than run-fight-survive.

I agree 100%. While the macho image of the Hero wandering the Post-Apocalyptic landscape, living off of the land and surviving at all odds has kept a lot of gear manufacturers in business, the reality of survival is quite different.

Take a read.


2 thoughts on “where else would you rather be?”

  1. True true.
    The concept of “living off the land” is often seen, romantically, as being one with nature; however, there’s really no faster way to rape and pillage the surrounding environment.
    The only reason Native peoples were able to survive was because they were nomadic, allowing the earth time to regenerate before they revisited a certain location.
    It’s fucking HARD, and not fun at all.

  2. Just like moving from cover to cover under fire, I think if you are planning on moving under ‘zombie/apocalypse/end of the world’ level conditions, you’d better have an idea of where you are going to land and do prep to get from A to B (with contingencies built in of course) and there better be a good reason to bug out of where you currently are.

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