red dots, red steel, real fun

I have started to train with my own steel targets. Having shot at them before when I was on the SWAT team (and liking it) I always wanted to have some of my own. So not too long ago I decided to buy some 7″ dia. 3/8″ thick steel rounds off of ebay ($20.00 a piece..not too shabby).

They approximate the size of the “Engine Room” (COM) pretty well. I painted one side red and the other yellow so that there is a visual cue when it flips around after being struck. To hang them I thought that some arbor hooks from the local hardware store would be a quick and fairly cheap/portable  method.

It works pretty well, but there is a fair amount of swing and flip when struck. Especially with a rifle. Up close with my Glock I was double tapping it without too much trouble.

As with any steel targets, wear eye protection, a brimmed hat and gloves (handgun) to protect from ricochet or jacket splash back.  I had zero issues with ricochet, but you can’t be too careful when starting out. I decided to start at 100 yards with the rifle and a minimum of 7 yd for the pistol. Never shoot at severely pockmarked steel and a downward angle on the plate helps direct any splash.

I also cannot state firmly enough my support for a good red dot optic for combat style shooting. Some folks eschew them for irons, but for rapid target acquisition, making aimed shots from odd positions and taking shots from CQC to 100-200 yd’s out, dots cant be beat. But they ain’t cheap. I picked up an EoTech 512 (good old ebay again) at a discount:

Here’s some video of me shooting at this set-up from 100 yd’s standing with an unmagnified 1 MOA dot at this 7″ round. Im using a combat stance (vs a target shooting stance) and a single point sling. The video quality isn’t the best but you can get a good impression of how often I hit vs miss. Assuming that the misses are a few inches from the edge of the target thats still pretty good for standing shots (at my level of current skill) IMO.

PS: 20 shots. 13 hits. 7 misses. I did much better on a later string but my phone cam wedged onto a post at the 50yd line was obviously wasn’t up to the task, so I didn’t bother recording with it again.


8 thoughts on “red dots, red steel, real fun”

      1. I posted a link on your Facebook page to mine, shows some of my steel, I have all sizes of square and round targets as well

    1. Thanks Jim. Im planning to get out again this weekend and set up a second target for transition training. I only purchased one set-up to see if it would work. Now that I see it does Im going to run with it. 😉

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