more fitness with firearms

My previous post “helen get your gun” spoke about the possibilities of mixing CrossFit style workouts with firearms. I recently received a comment on that thread from Aaron over at Gator Crossfit. They have been doing this sort of training too and have been putting up some video:

I think it’s a concept with a lot of merit. The difficulty is in setting up your own range or finding ranges that will allow this sort of access to their property.


5 thoughts on “more fitness with firearms”

  1. I have been doing the Murphy (run a mile, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups and 300 squats, run a mile)lately. I have have to take breaks in the pull ups, push ups and squats so I use a SIRT pistol and dry practice every time I break. I do the pull ups, push ups and squats in my garage so I can use the SIRT pistol. Give it a try.

  2. +1 on Steve’s comment. I’ve been using the SIRT and combining PT and dry-fire practice and it is a great way to make both activities more challenging and more enjoyable.

    If you have a place at home you can do bodyweight exercises and you throw in the SIRT pistol or an airsoft gun to work your trigger control while breathing hard and being physically exhausted, you’ll be training to prevail in a lethal force encounter that comes at the end of a foot chase and fist-fight.

    Plus, even if that day never comes, you’re getting stronger and healthier and more deadly- not a bad thing at all.

    Until I found this combo, it was a real challenge to put in my daily dry-fire, and for too many years I didn’t do it. Now I look forward to starting my day with it and I’m bummed if I have to skip it.

    Of course, I’m not doing the Murphy every day, but Steve’s given me something to shoot for!

  3. A different twist on this might be to incorporate conditioning into ‘force on force’ training. Combine these kinds of interval/conditioning exercises with air soft ‘force on force’ scenarios that fit your tactical needs (LEO, Military, Civilian).

    I remember MCRES (USMC) were a bit like this at the unit level.

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