Go to Wim Demeere’s Blog and check this fantastic post out.

Wim analyzes a video of a street fight thats going around the net. A guy who was getting the “ape dance” lands a beautiful jab that ends the fight but then makes some major mistakes. At the end Wim says:

That’s what my friend pointed out and what I so very much agree with. Many people are stuck in their feeling of righteousness when they’re in a fight and don’t see it when they abandon the civilian mission (get home alive and in one piece). They don’t even notice they’re wandering into illegal territory and afterwards they cry foul because they get arrested and not the piece of shit asshole who started it.

Once again, I totally understand the feeling but if the law says you can’t kick a man when he’s down, then you can’t. If you still do so, fine by me but don’t call it self-defense. Call it “getting even” or something along those lines and I’ll buy you a beer because I’ll probably agree with your reasons for landing that kick. But payback and self-defense are not the same thing.

If you’re an adult of even only average IQ, living in a Western country, you have no excuse not knowing the difference between these two.


Go read that post.

That is all.



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