Drills for Skills: Preparation not… well, you know.

Another post to take a look at over at Tactical Arnis. Paul talks about the relationship between “Drill” and “reality”. Drill is simply about honing physical skills. They don’t really mean much unless you can apply them in the real world. Check it out!

Drills for Skills: Preparation not… well, you know.

It also shows a video demonstration of a drill featuring Paul and yours truly.


3 thoughts on “Drills for Skills: Preparation not… well, you know.”

  1. Hey yes, I completely agree with you. Arnis / Escrima originally wasn’t like other institutionzlied martial arts. It didn’t originally have drills and katas. It focused on effective moves that didn’t often look good, but work. There seems to be a tension when Arnis and Escrima is made to cater to a wider public audience, and made to compete with more popular martial arts. And then there’s also that attitude of preserving a tradition, which sometimes forgets the original purpose of the art itself.

    1. What makes FMA’s unique in Asian Martial arts IMO is the ‘tactical’ focus of getting it done FIRST and cleaning it up as you go along – more like a boxing school vs. a ‘traditional’ martial art school. Now the ‘boxing school’ approach doesn’t ignore form and good mechanics. These are constantly being monitored, but it is NOT the typical “Your hand should be at a 45 degree angle” kind of correction. It’s more like “You’re dropping your hand after you jab, keep it up or you will get KNOCKED OUT!”

  2. Hi Paul,

    It seems to me that you and Jeremiah understand what the escrima/arnis strength is within the world of the fighting arts. The whole thing is based on practical and pragmatic approaches to fighting that are flexible and adaptive.



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