helen get your gun

An interesting twist on exercise. Add guns!

If done safely and in the proper dosage I can see great advantage to a blend like this. Firearms accuracy and manipulation while under controlled, exercise induced fatigue could be an effective method of stress inoculation in advance of the “real thing”. I would tend towards looking for exercises that closely mimic actual combative motions vs kettlebell swings and push presses though. Sprints, burpees…perhaps some focus mitt/combative drills with a partner could mimic a foot chase, grappling and fighting with an opponent. Blend that with a safely designed and monitored firearms stage and you have some interesting possibilities.



8 thoughts on “helen get your gun”

  1. I agree with your exercise selection. This is a case of just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should.

    1. Nice way of saying it Derek. I think it was more an ‘exercise comfort zone’ motive in the selection. If I had to guess (and I don’t obviously), he chose exercises he was proficient at and that would be good ‘oooooww’ candy for his fellow cross fit brothers/sisters. Quite possibly, he isn’t deeply versed in ‘martial arts’ training. I’m just spitballing here. Good idea, overall though for ‘reality training for training reality’ type of stuff.

  2. I get it, though. The workouts use the same muscles in the shoulders that are required to raise the outstretched arms while shooting.
    So while it’s not the real-world-mimicking drill that you mentioned, there’s still a decent point to it.

  3. I’ve run summer Biathlon, and been a range officer for winter Biathlon. It’s a similar principle, 5k run, two shooting stops, penalty loop for misses. Controlling your breathing, and heart rate for the shooting, then going out and running.

    1. I think that whats required is a mix of stressors. Straight cardio a la Biathalon is different from say a 3 minute round of wrestling. Mixing it up would be key IMHO.

  4. This is a great concept. In fact, here at Gator CrossFit, we have developed a Tactical Fitness Training program that centers on these workouts once per month. With the Gainesville Target Range directly across the street from us, this has allowed us to develop a program for Military, LEO and Civilians that focuses on CrossFit, firearms and shooting while stressed.

    We have done two workouts over the past month, the first one as Helen Get Your Gun. Here is the video link

    We just did Fran under Fire on Saturday and am finishing the video today. Please let me know if you would like to see that one when finished.

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