giving a sister some credit

I like to give the “fairer but not necessiarly weaker” sex credit when it’s due. Check out this womans blog:

Don’t let the title of her blog fool ya. She knows a lot more than just photography. Check out her YouTube channel while you are at it.

FYI she built that 14.5″ BCM Midlegnth herself. Don’t think for a minute that women don’t know their stuff when it comes to this sort of thing simply because they are women.

Jeanne Assam is someone you would want around when the bullets start flying.

When I connected with PoliceOne Columnist Dan Marcou for this column, he told me, “Jeanne Assam was quoted after her gunfight with a killer at the New Life Church as saying, ‘It seemed like it was me, the gunman and God.’ Maybe that is because Jeanne is exactly what potential victims in this attack needed — and possibly even desperately prayed for that day in church. They prayed for an armed, honorable gunfighter and she was an answer to that prayer. By ‘riding to the sound of guns,’ Jeanne Assam succeeded in bringing ‘New Life’ to those persons at that church by engaging an armed gunman in a gunfight and thereby sending a hater to his ultimate judgment.”

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